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Kearney Tourist Chalet

The Kearney Tourist Chalet was built in 1995 and is designed as a replica of the Beacon Light, erected at Point of Beach in 1850. The Beacon Light was built by Michael Condon Kearney, after whom the tourist chalet has been named. Our Town Seal remembers Kearney’s original lighthouse.

The Chalet operates from June to September each year, providing visitors with information about Harbour Grace and its history. Souvenirs, postcards, and maps are also available for purchase. The ‘Kyle Room’ contains artifacts and information about the SS Kyle, the famous steamship grounded in Riverhead. We have free WiFi services, too – just ask for the password!

Otterbury Schoolhouse is located near the Chalet. Visitors can view the interior of the schoolhouse during the summer tourist season. Nearby you can find a boardwalk on the beach, where you can view the wetlands near Riverhead; the Spirit of Harbour Grace, a DC-3 Douglas aircraft donated by Roger Pike, to commemorate the Harbour Grace’s aviation legacy; and Luben Boykov’s bronze statue of Amelia Earhart, who left Harbour Grace on May 20, 1932, becoming the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Town of Harbour Grace has a number of interesting sites for tourists. A town map with marked places of interest can downloaded here.


GPS Coordinates: 47.672474, -53.255990
Street Address: Water St, Harbour Grace, NL