Conserve Water Notice: Mercer's Well

RE: Sale of Town Owned Property

Notice RE: Sale of Town Owned Property

Take notice that the Town Council of the Town of Harbour Grace (the “Town:) has resolved pursuant to the Municipalities Act, 1999, SNL 1999, c. M-24, Section 2.01, as amended to offer for sale for at least Fair Market Value, the properties described below:

134-140 Bannerman Lake Road, Harbour Grace – $5,000
172 Bannerman Lake Road, Harbour Grace – $500
13-15 Brazil’s Lane, Harbour Grace – $7,500
13 Cochrane Street, Harbour Grace – $4,500
15 Cochrane Street, Harbour Grace – $4,500
47-49 Cochrane Street, Harbour Grace – $2,500
9B Downing Place, Harbour Grace – $1,500
11 Downing Place, Harbour Grace – $1,500
11C Downing Place, Harbour Grace – $2,500
11D Downing Place, Harbour Grace – $500
18-28 Galways Lane, Harbour Grace – $3,000
19-23 Galways Lane, Harbour Grace – $2,000
8A Garland Street, Harbour Grace – $7,000
10A Garland Street, Harbour Grace – $3,500
218 Harvey Street, Harbour Grace – $1,000
860-862 Harvey Street, Harbour Grace – $3,500
689A Harvey Street, Harbour Grace – $500
12-14 Kitchen’s Hill, Harbour Grace – $3,000
44-48 Lady Lake Road, Harbour Grace – $7,000
21-23 Line Road, Harbour Grace – $2,500
10A Maynes Lane, Harbour Grace – $1,500
399 Southside Road, Harbour Grace – $8,000
17 Stevensons Road, Harbour Grace – $12,000
104 Thicket Road, Harbour Grace – $6,500
132-134 Thicket Road, Harbour Grace – $18,000
174-178 Thicket Road, Harbour Grace – $3,500
107-109 Thicket Road, Harbour Grace – $9,000
480A Water Street, Harbour Grace – $3,500
22-24 Woodville Road, Harbour Grace – $3,500

The above noted properties are being offered for sale by the Town of Harbour Grace. Sealed
bids will be received up until October 13, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. at which time there will
be a public opening of bids in the Council Chambers at the Town of Harbour Grace. Any
information which the town has regarding the properties can be viewed at the Harbour
Grace Town Office, Monday through Friday, during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. – 4:30
p.m.). The properties are being sold on an ‘as is where is’ basis, and the Town does not make
any representations or warranties as to the condition of the properties. The purchaser is
responsible for conduction of any searches he or she deems necessary. The purchaser
shall bear all legal costs and is responsible for obtaining his or her own survey, if required.

TERMS OF SALE: Highest or any offer not necessarily accepted. In the event of bids
equaling the same amount a rebidding process will take place. Sealed bids should
clearly note the address of the property. The successful bidder/tender must immediately
pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price by cash, debit or cheque with the remainder
payable on closing. Completion of the transaction shall occur within 60 days of sale.

For further information, please contact:

Amy Dwyer, Town Clerk/Manager
Town of Harbour Grace
PO Box 310
112 Water Street
Harbour Grace, NL
(709) 596-3631 ext. 4
[email protected]